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Ayurveda is not merely a medical science rather it is a traditional way of living. Ayurveda aims at promoting the state of health of a healthy person at the same time treating the diseases which may happen due to faulty lifestyle and other external factors.

Swasthavritta is the vast area of Ayurveda which deals with the health promoting measures. This includes advises on healthy diet, lifestyle activities including exercise, massage, sleep etc and certain medications known as Rasayana which can support the state of health. Besides these daily regimes, Swasthavritta also deals with practices to be adopted so as to withstand the seasonal variations. Seasonal purification therapy offered in Swasthavritta can cleanse the body and there by enhance the immunity. These measures helps to improve the natural immunity and there by helps to prevent the diseases.

Yoga is an integral part of Swasthavritta. We offer yoga training along with counselling and meditation, as needed,for health promotion as well as therapeutic yoga for diseases like Diabetes, Asthama, Low Back Ache, Gynecological problems, and psychological issues like stress, anxiety etc